Bespoke Marketing Animation for your Social Media Campaigns

We take pleasure in collaborating with your marketing team to create custom animations for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube that work alongside your existing visual brand and breath life into your advertising and promotional campaigns.

In a marketplace saturated with template and stock imagery, our unique short videos and animated clips are by far the most effective way of capturing viewers attention and highlighting your company’s marketing message.

Take a look below at some of the fun, entertaining social media animations we have created.

7 THINGS no one tells you

The Brief

BabyCenter commissioned us to create an animation for new mothers specifically for use on their Facebook account and My Pregnancy mobile app.

What We Created

Maintaining a strong connection to BabyCenter’s brand colours, we designed a diverse selection of characters to deliver an important message to new mothers.

To maximise the effectiveness of the film on social media, we opted for a square video format, ensuring all of the information was clearly legible on screen and did not rely on voice over. Using the popular “quick tips” format we were able to deliver short and informative information without losing the interest of the viewer.

We couldn’t have picked a better person for the job. Even with our time difference (San Francisco, CA to the UK) they were extremely responsive and reliable.
We will definitely be working with them again soon.
— BabyCenter

Dancing dinner

The Brief

GIFs and animated loops are the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun on social. When creating content for our sister company, Steff Lee Studios, Instagram account we decided to create some playful characters in the run up to Christmas.

What We Created

In the days running up to Christmas we released a daily animation featuring a traditional roast dinner favourite having a dance under the hashtag #DancingDinner. We ended on Christmas Day with an animation of all of them partying together.

Taking inspiration from occasions and special events, we created some fun graphics and brought them to life as little animated loops.
— Steff Lee Studios




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We create animation for a wide range of purposes but we love to hear all sorts of ideas, so if you’re hatching a plan and want to work together then get in touch!