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It’s essential that museum exhibitions are accessible and engaging for the wide variety of ages and abilities they need to accommodate.

We’ve had the pleasure to work alongside some outstanding designers and museum curators to create engaging video content, and make the museum a memorable experience for a wider variety of visitors.

Take a look below at some of the animated videos we’ve created for museums and learn more about how these were integrated in to the exhibitions. 

Barnacle Bill


The V&A Museum of Childhood put out a call asking for pitches for an animated short, based on a pirate adventure story written in the 1950s by a 12 year old boy, David Munrow. The film would form part of a wider exhibition titled “A Pirate’s Life for Me”


It seemed appropriate for a story written by a 12 year old that the artwork should have a childlike quality to it, so we roped in two young assistants to help design characters and props. The V&A Museum of Childhood agreed that the kids’ designs, finished with rough crayon colouring was the best option and, after running our concept past a few young experts of their own, they chose our pitch as the winner.

We collaborated with their team throughout the process, exchanging ideas for character voices and sound design and making last minute tweaks to ensure the end result was a short animated film that worked perfectly with the rest of the exhibition and gave a long forgotten children’s story a new, unique lease of life.

That way of tackling the brief was not only true to our mission of being child-centred at the V&A Museum of Childhood but was fantastically cute too!
— George Benson - V&A Museum of Childhood

Abington Museum

*this film was created without sound


Vertigo came to us with a mission. The exhibition they were designing for Abington Museum was missing a piece. They imagined an animation that could weave together the history of Abington Estate and place it within the context of the changes in the surrounding county.


We worked closely with both Vertigo Creative and Abington Museum to design historical characters and environments in a style that was appealing to visitors of all ages, but retained a sense of the long history of the estate. We discussed in depth how events unfolded and how social and political changes in England, and specifically Northamptonshire, affected Abington Estate.

The end result was an entertaining, historically accurate short film that is now a firm favourite of adults and children alike in Abington Museum’s latest exhibition.




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