deliver medical advice in an accurate and memorable way

We have a wealth of experience communicating potentially complex or sensitive ideas and procedures with Healthcare Animation. At times the subject is hard to explain with words alone, sometimes the message can be a bit icky (poop!).

Our expertise in design for healthcare allow us to work with our clients to set the right tone, and deliver thought provoking, warm and friendly content in a non-clinical, easy to understand format.

Below you can see some examples of how we have worked with clients to create fun animated videos that educate and break down taboos about health and medical advice.



BabyCenter came to us with challenge: to make an informative film about poop that their consumers would like, share and enjoy.


We designed a mother and baby in a gentle water-colour style and created various different baby poop characters, each with their own mannerisms. We achieved the impossible: we made poop lovable ♥️

Steff is such a pleasure to work with! She is a fantastic storyteller, illustrator, and animator. We couldn’t have picked a better person for the job.
— BabyCenter

TODDLER Teethcare

The Brief

BabyCentre UK commissioned us to create some animations on behalf of Aquafresh that could educate new parents on the topic of baby and toddler tooth care.

What We Created

Working in BabyCentre’s brand colours, we designed a culturally sensitive character that could grow as the films progress. Taking care to be accurate, while maintaining a fun visual style, we produced two short animated films that educate parents and promote oral hygiene.




OTHEr animation services

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We create animation for a wide range of purposes but we love to hear all sorts of ideas, so if you’re hatching a plan and want to work together then get in touch!