Animation is one of the most versatile formats for storytelling, as its uniquely free from the constraints or the physical world. Whether we want to transport viewers back to a long forgotten age, conjure up fantastic, mythical creatures or journey inside the human body, animation can make literally anything possible. Great animated storytelling can make us empathise with inanimate objects, laugh at our own misfortunes or bring us to tears with a joyous reunion.

Have a look at some of the stories we have animated below. If you have a story to tell, or require animation for a short film, then we would love to hear about your project.


The Brief

TED-Ed offered us the opportunity to retell this ancient and much loved Chinese story about magic, demons and a love that triumphs over death.

What We Created

We wanted to evoke traditional Chinese artforms with this film and, after experimenting with different techniques, decided with the team at TED-Ed that shadow puppets would be the perfect way to animate the story. We created an art style that gave a nod to traditional Chinese shadow puppets, but with a modern twist that would appeal to viewers of this predominantly social media based film.

Steff is a joy to collaborate with. She’s always open to feedback and wants what is best for the project at hand.
— Ted-Ed

BB’s World

The Brief

Rosalind Stoddart asked us to create an animated short film about Northamptonshire illustrator and author Denys Watkinds-Pitchford  ‘BB’, as part of the ‘BB and his World’ project.

What We Created

We assembled an international team of artists, animators, writers and musicians to research BB’s life and works and tell the story of his achievements, as seen through the eyes of the last gnome in England. We wrote the script in partnership with Rosalind, and developed an art style that captured the magic that BB saw in the natural world.

I commissioned Steff to make an animated short for me about the Northamptonshire writer and artist ‘BB’ (Denis Watkins-Pitchford). Not only did she produce a great end product, but was a pleasure to work with, good at leading a large team of people and very professional.
— Rosalind Stoddart - Director of the 'BB and his World' project




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We create animation for a wide range of purposes but we love to hear all sorts of ideas, so if you’re hatching a plan and want to work together then get in touch!